Sunday, 3 February 2013

Smoked Cod and leek risotto

I'm certain that risotto purists will not be too impressed with my version of this risotto, but I have to defend my intentions, in England we have a similar dish called kedgeree which consists of lightly spiced rice, smoked fish and eggs, I wanted a way to class up a version of kedgeree. Leeks, cheese, peas and cod, sounds a lot like components to a fish pie, but by using risotto rice you have a wonderful carbohydrate element that truly sticks to your bones, and during the winter months and I think that it is exactly what the doctor ordered.

You will need:
1 large sliced leek
100g of chopped celery
100g of butter
250g of alborio Risotto rice
1 a sprig of thyme
150ml of white wine
750ml of chicken stock
200ml of whole milk
1 torn bay leaf
450g of smoked cod loin (200g will be poached and the remaining fish will be cut into portions to be fried)
60g of freshly grated parmesan
1 1/2 tsp of salt
1 tsp of crushed black pepper
100g of frozen peas

In a large saucepan melt 75g of the 100g of butter reserving 25g for later. Fry the celery and leeks until the leeks are very tender. Meanwhile poach 200g of the cod in the 200ml of milk, it will only need bringing to the boil and immediately taking of the heat as the residual heat from the milk will be enough to cook the cod, reserve this for later. Place the chicken stock in a small pan and keep warm on a low heat. Add the rice to the pan with the leeks and allow to become slicked with the butter, then add the white wine and thyme. Stir vigourously and when the white wine has been absorbed into the rice add a ladle full of stock at a time and keep stirring, when half of the stock has been absorbed add the bay leaf. Once the chicken stock has all be used drain the cod that has been poaching in the milk but reserve the milk that it had poached in. Add the milk to the rice and continue to stir. 
 When the rice is tender add the salt, parmesan cheese, frozen peas and pepper. Flaked the poached cod and add it to the rice. Finish with the remaining 25g of butter. Just before serving I fry the portioned smoked cod loin in a little butter and poach an egg for egg person. Serve the risotto topped with the fish and then the egg.

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