Saturday, 23 February 2013

Korean Belly pork with Kimchi

I'm sure you can probably gather by most of my posts that I love Asian food in all forms, I love how the simplicity of the ingredients can evoke such complex flavours. 
 I could literally spend hours in my local Asian supermarket, perusing the shelves to find new ingredients to test, Korean Pepper paste is one of my best finds, you can create sauces with it, or marinate meat to perfection with intense pepper flavour.
 I never need an excuse to feed my husband belly pork, he loves it in all forms, but this is one of the very first ways I cooked Belly pork and I will never forget the expression on his face, one of absolute satisfaction. 
 This recipe is made for those who can't cook or won't cook, it's a no brainer. Team this sumptuous meat with Kimchi, a fermented Korean cabbage flavoured with Korean red pepper flakes and you have a perfect dinner.

You will need:
2 kilos of belly pork with the bone in
2 tablespoons of Korean red pepper paste
2 tsp of sesame oil
2 tsp of sea salt.

Rub all of the sesame oil, salt and pepper paste onto the belly pork and cook for three hours, cook in a baking tray for thirty minutes at 200 degrees and then turn down the temperature to 160 degrease for a further two and a half hours. Leave the meat to rest and cut away the rind, it will protect the meat when cooking but will not crisp up, rub the top layer with the meat juices in the pan. Serve with Kimchi and steamed rice.

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