Thursday, 21 February 2013


 This divine treat for me sums up everything that it delicious about Swedish sweets, with one bite I am transported back to my childhood, my face firmly pressed against the window of a bageriet (bakery). When I was younger my mother was extremely strict about sweets, I was never allowed to much chocolate and would usually be rationed to a weekly treat, however when we would pay an annual summer visit to Sweden to see family friends and fill our suitcases full of contraband (cheese) , the sweet ration was always lifted, partly because my mother was brought up on these lovely goodies and wanted me to experience them, but mainly because she could not help herself either. Traditionally these lovelies are green, but I love colouring the marzipan blue, it fit in so well with my sons first birthday party.
 I would call this a Punschrulle, my mother calls it a dammsugare, which translates to vacuum cleaner because it is said no resemble it, I'm not too sure that it does, whatever you call it, it is by far one of the most delicious of the Swedish sweets and was always my pick of choice at the bakery.

Swedes are mad for marzipan and this boozy truffle filled roll flavoured with swedish Arrak or Punsch is then wrapped in the almondy good stuff before finally being dunked into rich dark chocolate on either end, sure you have to go for a run before you have one but it is worth it, the worst part is that one is never enough. 

You will need:
For the filling

250g vanilla biscuits
100g of melted butter
1 1/2 tsp of maldon salt
50ml of Swedish Arrak (if you cannot get hold of it substitute with more amaretto)
50ml of amaretto
200g of melted dark chocolate
6 tbsp of icing sugar

For the outer layer:
a pack of marzipan, coloured to the hue of your choice
200g of melted Dark chocolate
Icing sugar to dust the work surface so that marzipan does not stick.
Firstly place all of the biscuits into a food processor and blitz until they resemble fine bread crumbs. Meanwhile melt the butter and chocolate together in a pan over a low flame, pour the mixture into the food processor and then add the salt, booze and the icing sugar, place the filling into the fridge for at least half and hour until it is firm.
 Dust the work surface with icing sugar and roll out the marzipan until it is roughly half a cm thick, using the filling make a log shape all the way along the marzipan (yes it looks like poop), wrap the filling in the excess marzipan (see image), use a little water to help the marzipan stick and seal together. Slice 3 inch rolls, roll each roll delicately with your hands until they are inch this cylinders and then half them with a knife. 

Dip each end into melted chocolate and allow to set. 


Anonymous said...

Your Swedish 'hoovers' look great! I am following your blog from Sweden. I have had a couple of dammsugare recently here in Sweden and I blame them along with the rest of the Swedish cuisine for my unsuccessful so-called 'diet' I planned for the New Year. Semlor, Jansson's Temptation, Swedish smörgåscake and meatballs etc etc by the way did I tell you I am extending my stay here by another couple of months? ! I see you are running low on Swedish Carlshamn punch, will get you another bottle from the Swedish state-owned off licence (no privately owned off licences allowed In Sweden - ever wondered why Sweden is such a wealthy country?! The store is always heaving. .... Annika, hope you had a nice party for Tobias, wish I had been there love from Carina in Swedeland xxx

Annika Wardale said...

Hej Carina you lovely lady, I hope you are well, I on't blame you for wanting to stay longer it is amazing there I miss it, I miss you too though, we all do. I'm sure you are as gorgeous as ever. Tobias had a lovely birthday/party and we loved the Swedish books you sent they were wonderful. That would be fantastic to have some more punsch Can I send you some money for some Swedeland essentials. Really missing you, when you are back you have to come for a long walk with us and I will cook you dinner!! Maybe not Swedish food as you may have had enough??? NEVER!!!!! It's too scrummy. Tobias sends love to his Auntie Carina, he is nearly walking too!! Cannot wait to catch up All our love the WIKING WARDALES xxxxxxxxxxx