Thursday, 22 November 2012

Mushroom and Truffle Risotto

I recently paid a visit to Borough market in London, I have to say I was outrageously jealous that Londoners have this amazing market on their door step. Unfortunately my husband could not join me as he was looking after our son, so I decided to pick up a few items at the market so I could spoil him rotten, hopefully that would make up for him missing out on all the fun. I noticed there was a stall selling black truffles so I could not pass up the opportunity of getting one in the hope that it would intensify my mushroom risotto recipe. It worked a treat and after my husbands third helping he finally surrendered to the limit of his stomach. It was a resounding success. 
 If you cannot get hold of a black truffle do not panic, you can get truffle oil pretty much anywhere now, and I know that black truffles are not necessarily at the top of everyones grocery list. The truffle I bought was five pounds but will serve four people happily so a little goes a long way. Most people are frightened of making a risotto, but I think it is one of the easiest things to make, a true one pot wonder. Rick Stein put it so wonderfully when he spoke about a risotto that he has had in Italy, he asked the waitress what was in the risotto and she said we have some very good stock, this is what truly sets apart an OK risotto from an outstanding work of art. Calling all mushroom lovers, this one is for you.
you will need:

For the mushrooms:
250g of sliced fresh Porchini mushrooms
150g of brown beech mushrooms
150g of enoki mushrooms
175g of chestnut mushrooms
50g of butter
25g of chopped garlic
2 tsp of maldon salt
1/2 tsp of black pepper
100ml of dry white wine (if you dont want to drink it do not cook with it)
2 tbsp of olive oil

In a very large frying pan sautee the mushrooms in the oil and butter, add the garlic and allow to cook for a couple of minutes, add the salt, pepper and white wine and allow to cook until the wine has almost evapourated. Set these mushrooms aside for later.

For the Risotto
75g of butter, save 25g of the butter for later
1 tablespoon of olive oil
25g of garlic 
250g of carnaroli risotto rice
100g of celery
150g of white onion or shallots
200ml of white wine
1 tablespoon of freshly chopped oregano
2 1/2 pints of really good chicken stock or vegetable stock if you want to make it totally vegetarian
1 tsp of grated truffle
2 tbsp of mascarpone cheese
1 tsp of  maldon salt
1/2 tsp of  freshly cracked black pepper
50g of grated parmesan
25g of chopped basil

For the risotto start by frying the onions, oregano, celery and garlic in the butter and olive oil, fry this on a low heat until the onions are translucent. Add the rice and fry the rice until the  outside becomes translucent. Add the wine immediately and stir continuously until the alcohol smell from the wine has been burnt off and the wine has almost evaporated. The trick with making a good risotto is ensuring that your stock is hot, this will make your life so much easier. Add a ladle full of the stock, one at a time and continuously stir until the liquid had been absorbed by the rice, keep doing this until there is no more stock left, by this point the rice will be perfect. Finish the rice with the 25g of butter, mascarpone cheese, parmesan, salt, pepper, the grated truffle, chopped basil and finally the sauteed mushrooms that had been previously set aside. Stir well.
Serve immediately.

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