Friday, 5 October 2012

The Spanish Food cupboard

 Those of you who know me personally will know that I am a market junkie, I love buying seasonal food from my local market, there is nothing more inspiring than conjuring up a recipe on the spot using a single ingredient as a brain child. I have noticed over the past few years that my local market in Beverley, East Yorkshire has seen some exciting new changes, this is entirely down to some outstanding market stalls that are breathing new life into what was once a simple market. As a raving foodie it fills me with utter glee to see fellow foodies, that also have such a deep passion for food and are sharing their passion with others. My Local green grocer M. Pattinson and Daughter, has an amazing array of unusual produce and top of the range seasonal and local fruits and vegetables at insanely cheap prices. 
  In the last few weeks  that I have been to the market I have noticed a new kid on the block, The Spanish Food cupboard are run by an extremely friendly couple who specialise in Spanish cookware and top quality herbs and spices. I have been looking for authentic Spanish cazuela and tapas dishes for quite some time, but I have never found the real Mcoy, I was so surprised to find that the Spanish food kitchen not only import the dishes directly from Spain, they also sell fantastic quality spices, a range in abundance, at a very reasonable price. I couldn't resist buying a few products, and although I have not used them to cook authentic Spanish food YET, I have used the dishes as a visual wow at my latest dinner party. I will be doing my lovely new dishes justice soon but for now I leave you with an image of my new cookware and insist you pay a visit to Beverley market or visit their website

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