Sunday, 19 August 2012

The Incurable Foodie

Everyone who knows me personally would describe me as a foodie, but what does the term foodie really mean? I know that as a nation we are all trying to become wine experts, seasonal seekers, wild food foragers and restaurants critics, an interest in food is something that is unfamiliar territory to us as a nation. In comparison to our fellow European neighbours, the desire to learn more about food and drink is relatively new to us. From a very young age my Swedish mother made a point of teaching me about food and the importance of learning how to cook. My love of food was instilled by my mother but was furthered when I travelled the world in my early twenties. When I came back I decided to pass on what I knew to people who have not had the opportunity to travel but still have a desire to learn more about different cuisines, I have now been teaching cookery lessons for nearly three years to anybody and everybody who wants to learn. Now I have my own child I want to pass on my knowledge of food and cooking to him, and share a few secrets with you along the way.

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