Monday, 20 August 2012

crayfish party

  Being the hybrid, cross breed, swinglish woman I am,
I always feel it is imperative to get in touch with my scandinavian routes at least once a year, usually around August time when the crayfish train pulls into town. This is a highly revered summer time celebration which consists of copious amounts of crayfish and of course schnapps.

 I know what you are thinking, is this just an excuse to celebrate being ridiculously drunk, the short answer would of course be yes, but we do get to have some mighty fine seafood on the road to intoxication. If you have ever had the fortune to celebrate this momentous occasion there are some precautions you really must take. Despite what some swedes may have you believe you really do not need a shot after every crayfish (I learnt that the hard way), pace yourself believe me the night is long, always note that scandinavians have been brought up on vodka you have not! Having said that I still manage to get completely s**t faced every year, despite this I thoroughly enjoy these little freshwater crustaceans, too much is never enough. 

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