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For years now my Mother has told me all about the legendary Schwarzwald cake, she has raved to the point of near exhaustion (my exhaustion that is) about how this is the cake of all Swedish cakes, but when I asked her what the recipe was for this culinary spectacular she simply said "I don't know, I've never made it". WHAT? I have spent the best part of my adult life being told about this cake only to be told that there is no recipe? This is when the real mission began. I gathered as much information from Swedish recipe books and from my mother to find out what it is that makes this cake so damn amazing!
 My Swedish grandmother who is a fantastic cook and gives my mum a serious run for her money, said that this was her favourite cake, that is very very big talk coming from the two heavy weight cooks in my family, so that was it, I had not make it. This cake literally is pure praline, and is a hazelnut lovers delight, irresistible to squirrels, and of course my Cake-a-betic Husband! Hazelnut meringue, praline filling and chocolate ganache, I ask you could there be anything better? The short answer would be NO!

You will need (for the 4 meringues)
200g ground hazelnuts
275g caster sugar
6 egg whites

(for the praline filling)
300ml of double cream
250g of nutella

(for the ganache)
300ml of single cream
200g of dark chocolate 70% cocoa solids
1/4 tsp of maldon salt
4 tbsp of golden syrup

You will also need a small handful of whole hazelnuts
Preheat the oven to 170 degrees
Melt all of the ganache ingredients together on a low heat and set aside
Start by drawing four eight inch circles onto parchment paper (draw around a cake tin), then turn the parchment over so the biro will not transfer onto the meringues. Whisk the egg whites until they start to come to a firm peak, add the sugar little by little until you are left with a glossy meringue mixture, fold in the ground hazelnuts until just combined. Spread each parchment disc with the meringue mixture, it looks like it will not get there but it will and it does not matter that it is thin as they will puff up. Place the meringues onto a baking tray and then bake for 15-20 minutes until they are golden and crisp.

For the filling whip up the double cream and nutella together until it reaches firm peak stage.
When the meringues are cooled remove the parchment paper. On a cake platter place two sheets of greaseproof paper so the edges meet in the middle of the platter (this will make the platter easier to clean once decorated) place the first meringue onto the platter and on top of the greaseproof, spread a third of the filling onto the meringue and then place the next meringue on top. Top with another third of the filling and then place the third meringue on top, spread the last third of the filling to the edges of the third layer and then top with the final meringue.

 Pour the ganache over the meringue sandwich and let it drip down the sides, place into a fridge for an hour until it had set. Slowly pull the two pieces of greaseproof from under the cake to reveal a clean platter, TAH DAH!! Finally chop a small amount of whole hazelnuts and scatter them on top of the ganache. SUBLIME!!!
Nutty Heaven

Husbands crack
Didn't last two minutes

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