Friday, 21 December 2012

Orange scented carrots and peas

This is purely a tip of how to amplify the flavour in your carrots and peas, they don't only have to be boiled. In a large pan add a large knob of butter, roughly 50g, add the juice of a freshly squeezed orange, a tablespoon of sugar, a tsp of cracked black pepper and a large pinch of maldon sea salt. Cook the carrots first (I like to use baby carrots for that special touch), place the lid on the pan and allow to steam and cook for 10 minutes until knife point tender. Do not be concerned that the carrots will not cook through or that the carrots will fry, they will be perfectly cooked. When the carrots are cooked turn off the heat and add your frozen peas, the heat from the carrots will be enough to defrost the peas to perfection, place the lid back onto the pan and set aside until you need them. 

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Alan said...

Heard of something similar to this before, but now I will definitely try this out, it sounds delicious.